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Are you an entrepreneur or startup solving a real problem to make a positive impact?

We will guide you through the whole process of preparing and launching a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Reward-based crowdfunding is a great way to test your business idea by pre-selling your product via a crowdfunding platform. It allows you to both build a customers base and raise funds to finance the production of your product.

We help you succeed on any reward-based crowdfunding platform, such as Kickstarter, Ulule, Indiegogo and Miimosa.

If you’re looking for a bigger funding while building a community, an equity crowdfunding is a great way to launch your business.

Our team will help you prepare and create your crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, Seedrs, WeFunder StartEngine and more. From the review of your business plan and the creation of your pitch deck to the execution of a crowdfunding campaign, we will help you to take the most out of your equity crowdfunding campaign.

Like equity crowdfunding, debt crowdfunding, also known as “crowdlending” is ideal for financing the launch of your project while creating a community that will lend you funds.

This type of crowdfunding, also referred to as peer-to-peer lending, requires borrowers to repay their investors by a predetermined time. Funds raised might be subject to interest rates depending on the contract signed by both parties.


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Our tailored crowdfunding services

Crowdfunding Planning

Crowdfunding Planning

We will create a timeline tailored to your crowdfunding project and advise on fundraising objectives and budgets.

Crowdfunding Strategy

Crowdfunding Strategy

A solid strategy involving community building, campaign positioning and platform selection will drive your crowdfunding to success.

Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck

Translating your business plan into a compelling pitch deck is one of the first steps of the fundraising process. It is a must for equity crowdfunding and crowdlending campaigns.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We design impactful advertising creatives and develop emailing content strategies to drive your crowdfunding success.

Presentation Pages

Presentation Pages

An optimized pre-launch landing page and an engaging crowdfunding project page are essential to create momentum and make your project stand out.
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Crowdfunding Video

Crowdfunding Video

Video is a powerful way to tell your story. Our team will produce a crowdfunding video that resonates with your target audience.

we empower you to launch your project by defining AND EXECUTING THE RIGHT CROWDFUNDING strategy.

what to expect


Intro call

Let’s introduce ourselves and learn about your project. If we think it could be a good match, we will offer to proceed with a first evaluation of your crowdfunding project.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Project Evaluation

In a 45-min consultation, we’ll dive into your crowdfunding project, sharing our insights and personalized advice. You’ll also receive our platform selection tool.

The cost for this consultation is only 69€ + VAT, and should you choose to proceed with us, this fee will be credited toward your investment.

Let's go!

Nothing can stop you now! 

Once you’ve decided on the support you need, we’ll sign a collaboration contract and kick off your crowdfunding campaign.

We can’t wait to drive your campaign to success!

WE helped them to fundraise

Smart bracelet for autistic kids
We supported the crowdfunding launch of Abrace, a smart bracelet for autistic kids, advising them on content creation for the pre-campaign and Kickstarter page.
Commuter jacket made of waste
Support on the content creation for the pre-campaign page and the Kickstarter page.
Natural hair & body care delivered without the water
We provided strategic and practical support for the Kickstarter launch of their sustainable natural hair and body care products.
Gr'eat granola
Delicious & healthy granola butter
Gr'eat granola
We helped them to launch a crowdfunding on Ulule for the launch of their new oat-based healthy spreads. We provided a strategic and hands-on support on the content creation for each campaign phase.
Engaged water bottles
Creation from A to Z of the crowdfunding campaign on Ulule to launch Tuli.
Eva Leaf
Natural & organic treatments for vaginal infections.
Eva Leaf
Creation of a pitch deck for Eva Leaf, introducing a natural & organic treatments for vaginal infections.

about their crowdfunding journey
with us

“If you are looking to optimize your chances when you start a crowdfunding, I would recommend getting SetGo’s support.”

Amélie de Cartier, founder of Gr’eat granola


Our values

Engagement & Sustainability

We are interested in solving a problem rather than creating a need. That’s why we value projects that have a positive impact on our society. 

We believe the “WHY” of your project needs to be reflected through all areas of your business in an authentic and transparent way.


From positioning, strategy and launch planning, to advertising content and landing page UX, we combine our experience to create a solid go-to-market plan with you.

We are a team of experts with strong knowledge in digital marketing, go-to-market strategy, pitching and fundraising marketing. 


Whether you are at the stage of the idea or at a Serie C funding stage, we will use our expertise to support your new innovation launch. 

From a full individual programme to periodic coaching, we offer different format to support you. Our flexible approach allows you to choose between different levels of support to pick the services you need.


We adopt a data-driven approach to make informed decisions.

We master analytical tools like Google Analytics, Optimize and Usability Hub to gather data, test and optimize your campaign.

ABout the founder


During my work experience in Silicon Valley, I discovered my passion for entrepreneurship. I enjoyed attending pitch sessions and learning about innovative start-ups.

My work experience at Mastercard taught me how to bring complex tech products to the market in partnership with various stakeholders. This was an amazing learning experience, but deep down, I felt there was a disconnect between my entrepreneurial independent spirit and my work.

The little spark I was missing was ignited when I started my own project, Tuli.

I launched this first business via a successful crowdfunding campaign and I loved every step of it.
This exciting journey made me realized how useful crowdfunding is for building a company’s brand and funding its growth at the same time.
With the success rate of a crowdfunding campaign being less than 40%, I understood that most entrepreneurs underestimate the work and expertise required to run a crowdfunding campaign. 

I saw an opportunity to capitalise on my expertise to enable other entrepreneurs, like yourself, to crowdfund their business by creating impactful strategies. I started this journey as a freelancer for an agency specialized in fundraising marketing. Then, SetGo was born.


Nathalie is based in Lisbon, Portugal.

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